Shipping & Delivery


We have quite a number of top notch couriers who are partners with us. We make use of their services when it requires that the Kitten be transported to the buyer’s location. The kittens are shipped in an airline-approved crate with food and water. They will arrive with their registration, shot record, health guarantee and a large Kitten kit taped onto their carrier.

All of our airlines ship using same-day shipping that is safe and secure for the Kittens. They offer priority shipping. If the Kittens do travel in the cargo area, however, it is pressurized and at the same temperature and has the same air filtered in as the passengers breathe. Having shipped Kittens for over 10 years, we have never had a negative incident.

When sent priority, your Kitten doesn’t have as much “sitting around” time while waiting for processing. They are
guaranteed to be taken immediately off the plane with no long holding periods before, during or after the flight. They are hand delivered to each counter. We do not sedate the Kittens before travel as it is not recommended by our veterinarian.

Most families report that the Kitten was made available to them between 15 to 30 minutes from the time the plane arrived.
When your Kitten arrives, he/she may be picked up in the cargo pickup area or behind the counter of the ticket desk. The airlines does require some form of identification before they will release the Kitten to the new owner. After you pick up your Kitten and have returned home, we would ask that you call us to let us know how the Kitten is doing.

Included with shipment of each Kitten is its certified health certificate, vaccination and worming record, registration, Kitten food, chew toy, 1 year Health Guarantee, and Pet carrier with food and water dish. (Pet Carrier is only included when shipping by air)