Client's Review

I recently purchased a maine coon kitten from my maine coon gift, Rhode Island. He was so nice and helpful in arranging everything. I have a beautiful, healthy kitten that is a wonderful addition to my home. They are honest and made my experience pleasant. ..
We got our maine coon kitten from my maine coon gift. He was well taken care of and has been the joy of our life since we got him. Vet checked him out and he is perfect. I would recommend my maine coon gift.
Sonia, After exploring all breeds of dogs we thought Maine Coon kitten would be a perfect cat for my family. We got in contact with my maine coon gift and they were so nice and took such good care of Sonia until I adopted her. They gave Sonia such a good life when she was with them and they trained her very well. If you’re getting a Maine Coon kitten, I recommend you get it from my maine coon gift!
Leo is now 6 months old and is the sweetest cat that you could ever meet. He has grown into his own personality and loves his family as much as we love him. Smart and loving he is great. The family we got him from was awesome. They worked with us all the way until we picked him up. He was healthy and happy from the day we saw him. A great experience from day one, thanks my maine coon gift
Let’s just say I’m in love with him. He’s the biggest cuddle bug ever!. The breeder was so friendly and was very understanding when we ran into traffic. Thanks again so much Maine Coon Gift!